I realize this, Avengers.

I know T_T

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Not a big reblogger, but you guys need to see this! AMAZING!

Also, great blog, sexyconfidentandfit! Love it! 

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The Naked Truth About Women’s Rugby:

Members of Canada’s national women’s rugby team have bared all in a calendar aimed at promoting positive body images and raising a little cash ahead of the reintroduction of the sport into the Summer Olympics in 2016.

The 16-month 2013 calendar, which was shot by photographer Darryl Humphrey and unveiled Monday, features 17 members of the team, who have relocated from their homes across Canada to live, work and train on Vancouver Island.

The cost of the calendar is $20 plus shipping and handling.

“Every woman on this team works so hard at being physically fit and eating properly,” Barbara Mervin, a flanker on the squad and spearhead of the calendar initiative, said in a news release. “It is a reward to have these pictures taken so we can see our bodies in a beautiful light.”

fuck yeah! Women’s Rugby!!

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When the scrum collapses


The front row is like:

Second row is like:

Loose forwards:

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When the ref tries to coach us during the game


We’re like:

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Liam & Sonny ;D 

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